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Side Wall Return Drag Conveyor
Bulk Material Conveyors  

De-stoner Equipment
Dry & Rehydrated Bean Cleaning
De-Watering Screw Presses
Juice Presses
​Fiber Filter
Angle Disintegrators
Screw-Fed Disintegrators
Pump Fed Disintegrators
Rotary Blanchers
  • ​Steam & Hot Water
Rotary Cooker/Cooler
Green Bean Equipment
Waste Water Screens
Root Crop Peeler & Washer
Rotary Pouch Cooler
Continuous Pressure Cooker
​Fresh Cut Processing
  • ​​Leafy Green Prep & Wash
  • ​Continuous Dryers
  • Onion Peeling
  • Carrot & Potato Processing
  • Bell Pepper Coring
  • ​Bell Pepper Segmenting
Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • ​Fragile Product Conveying: Negative Air​​
  • ​Waste Removal Conveying: Positive Air
​​Fluid Removal Systems
  • ​Water Vac
  • ​Dyna Vac
  • ​Dyna Miser
  • Oil Miser
Nut, Fruit & Vegetable Processing
  • ​Hulling Systems
  • ​Drying Systems
  • ​In-Shell Systems
  • Shelling Systems
  • Laser Lines
  • ​Inspection/Packing Systems
Camera/Laser Optical Inspection
  • ​Belt Systems:​ ​​
    • Veryx
    • Compass​
  • ​​Chute Systems:
    • ​​Veryx
    • Compass
​​Material Handling
  • Iso-Flo Vibratory Conveyors
  • Electromagnetic Conveyors
  • Grading systems for sizing & separating